Before & After

Our mission is to have your children and our staff happy during before and after school hours. We want them to look forward to spending those hours together in a friendly, warm atmosphere, a place where there are interesting things to do, friends to play with and opportunities to grow and develop through experiences appropriate for each developmental stage.  

In the morning your child will receive a warm greeting by our staff.  They will be offered a nutritious breakfast and time to play before their bus comes to take them to their respective school.

At the end of the school day your child will be greeted by a warm and friendly member of our staff. They will be offered a healthy, tasty snack and they will be able to make choices and decisions on how to spend their time. We offer homework time every day and we provide a quiet supervised area where children will have assistance with their homework if needed. We ask that all students and parents sign a “homework contract” to ensure that the expectations of homework time are clear.

We cooperate with the Bordentown Township elementary schools, so your child will be picked up and dropped off at our center and taken directly to their respective school.  Additionally we are open when their schools are closed, so holiday breaks and early dismissals are no worries for our parents.



Our curriculum is designed to be appropriate for the age level and interest of that group. The program will include the following basic elements:

· A warm greeting for each child by staff, with time to talk over the day’s highlights

· Nutritious, balanced snacks

· Activities that emphasize:

* Creativity

* Pursuit of individual interests

* Decision making and choices

* Use of gross motor skills

* Social interactions

* Use of fine motor coordination