Full Day, In-Person Kindergarten

Full Day, In-Person Kindergarten

Kindergarten | Serving Bordentown, NJ and both Mercer and Burlington Counties

Certified Teachers Keep Your Child On Track

Your child’s Kindergarten sets your little learner on the path to success. Math, Literacy, Science, and more are part of your child’s curriculum. They sharpen all the skills they’ll need for a smooth transition to the next grade level.

Full Time Schedule Best Supports Working Families

Get the reliable, safe childcare you need with extended days, and enjoy only ten days off a year including Christmas and Spring Break. We are still open and running for you so you can reach your work goals.

Sign up for full-time kindergarten, Monday to Friday, Sept. 8, 2020 - June 18, 2021.

Full-year enrollment required.

Low Teacher To Student Ratios Gives Your Child More Attention

With a 1 to 10 teacher to student ratio, your child gets the one-on-one instruction and attention that boosts learning. Teachers also have more time to dedicate to your child, responding to them and keeping them on track with lessons, questions, and loving guidance.

Safety Measures Give You Peace Of Mind

Safety measures like strict sanitizing schedules keep your child healthy from cold and flu causing germs. Surveillance cameras, buzz-in entryways, and attentive teachers ensure your child is in a safe home away from home.

Flexing Social Skills Sets Your Child Up For Life

Getting out of the house, off of screens, and around friends lets your child exercise the social skills that are a crucial milestone in their early childhood development. Using manners, listening, and taking direction in person helps your child grow confident in social settings.

Lunch And Snacks Included As Added Convenience For You

Your child gets the daily nutrition they need thanks to on-site prepared meals your child loves. Included in your tuition, you have one less thing to worry about, and your child stays energized for the early learning fun and physical activities that make them thrive.

Music Can Improve Early Literacy And Numeracy

By singing nursery rhymes to your child, they learn to identify sound patterns and learn through repetition.  Exposure to music enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words, and the patterns of the rhythm set the stage for counting and mathematics.

Your Child Gets The Physical Play They Need For Muscles And Health

Your child’s developing muscles get the workout they need every day, rain or shine. Your child makes use of our indoor gym or 1,000 square-foot padded courtyard to play with toys and have fun with friends.

parent reviews

My child has been coming to this day care since she was 3 months. She is now two years old she has learned so much from this daycare. Her colors, shapes, numbers, and so much more. She has learned the fundamentals of sharing and being around other children. Not only has she learned so much the faculty members are the BEST caring loving patient they care for your child the same way you would care for your own children and that's why I love this place I would recommend Over the Rainbow to any parent . Safe and sound mind that your child is safe and well taken care of.

Latisha Small

My son (2) has been attending Over The Rainbow since he was 8 months old. At first, he was apprehensive, but now he loves it. The staff is quite friendly and accommodating. I do like how they include meals and snack. My son eats better when everyone around him is eating the same thing. He’s learned a lot of social skills at this school. The directors are super nice and will respond to any question you have. It’s the best choice for a daycare around here for sure.

Jenny McGrath

This school has definitely been a blessing in my life. Both of my kids go to this school and they absolutely love it. The staff are very pleasant and the teachers treat the children like  their own. This is one of the only daycares that has had the same staff for more than 25 years. I drop my kids off here and feel like I am leaving them with family. I highly recommend this place and give it 5 stars.

Jazz Queen

This school is fantastic.  My 3 year old has a wonderful time. Every teacher and staff member is a pleasure to interact with. Since they provide all the meals my son is trying foods that he would never try for me. Not prepping food for the day is a big time saver in the morning. I highly recommend this place.

Regina Wachenheim

I currently work at Over The Rainbow CDC and love it! The staff there is amazing, and welcomed me with open arms and made me feel apart of a family since day 1. Everyone is so great with the kids and treat them as if they were our own. My favorite thing is that they even provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack. I highly recommend bringing your kids to OTR!

Alexis Sanchez

My youngest daughter (4 years old) has been there since she was an infant and has learned so much!! She loves going there and is able to communicate to me everyday on what they are doing in class.  My middle daughter (9 years old) goes there when she is off from school and she loves hanging out with the younger children and being a "helper" to the teachers. My oldest son (12 years old) goes to before and after care there and he gets homework help and often helps out in the office. They all love it!! This school is not just a preschool- it is truly a home away from home for my kids!!

Christina D'Amico

I love that they not only accommodate my baby and his multiple food allergy, BUT they also accommodate ME! The crazy, over protective, over worried Mom who always has a million questions, (that they gracefully answer) and a million suggestions (that they lovingly take into consideration). I keep Ms Jill in the office at least 15 minutes longer than she has to be, every other Friday evening, and she treats me like I’m the most important person in the building no matter what else is going on. I haven’t met any staff or office admin who didn’t show love to every child who was in their presence. I feel like my baby is safe in their care. Bravo OTR!

Eulina McClinton

Over the Rainbow has been a blessing for me and my kids. My oldest son is autistic and attended their summer program in the past and they were amazing with him. My 3 year old has been there since he was 18 months and has learned so much. The staff is always pleasant with smiles every day. I couldn't ask for a better place!

Jennifer Mora

My daughters attend this day care center for their before and after care program. The bus picks them up from here and takes them to school and brings them back for the after school care which is so convenient for me since i'm a single mom with no one to watch them during my work hours. The teachers are very hands on with them and actually play with them instead of just sitting there. Mrs. Jill and Mrs.Brenda are absolutely amazing!!! they are a must to check out.

katie rooney

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