Why Choose Us

  • As the longest standing child care center in the area, we have the most experience and expertise that will benefit your child’s early learning journey.
  • Enjoy low-turnover thanks to a great environment that both attracts and keeps those who are most passionate about delivering quality, early child education.
  • Our leadership is on site and available to quell concerns, answer questions and partner with parents in their child’s early learning journey.
  • We’re passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and igniting that same passion in children.
  • Our classrooms are professionally cleaned regularly with non-toxic agents that kill germs on the spot to keep cold and flu germs at bay.
  • Stay updated on your child’s latest work of art or block structure thanks to a free app. that enables real time communication between teachers and parents.
  • Your child will enjoy three home-made meals a day along with a snack to keep them fueled for everything from climbing to craft making.
  • Our bright, spacious classrooms and halls are alive in vibrant colors and murals, making our Center a magical and inviting home away from home.
  • Our enclosed, 1000 sq ft outdoor play space with padded playground floor is an endless opportunity to safely make friends, build developing muscles, discover and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Your child stays safe thanks to cameras throughout classrooms and halls, and buzz-in only access entryways.
  • An indoor gym has your kids covered on rainy days because play is at the base or our early learning curriculum.
  • Our extended hours and year-round programs offer schedules to match any parent’s needs for reliable child care and early learning.
  • We weave integrity, respect and diversity into our curriculum to build social skills they’ll use for a lifetime.
  • Our commitment to quality is recognized by New Jersey’s Quality Rating Improvement System, Grow NJ Kids, ChildCare Aware, Grow New Jersey Kids and New Jersey First Steps.

How old is your child?


6 wks to 18 mts


18 - 30 mts


30 mts to 4 years


4 - 5 years

Before & After

5 - 13 years

Summer Camp

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